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Activities at Meghan’s Place

Every month, we offer fun and engaging events for our members and our community.

We hope you’ll join us soon!


Meghan's Place Live!

A weekly class members can enjoy virtually or inperson! From cooking to crafting, our amazing instructors always have something fun planned.


Summer Clubs & Camps

From June-August, we offer a mix of regular activities and programming for Meghan’s Place members.


Fitness & Sports

We love staying active at Meghan’s Place! We offer a variety of seasonal sports and fitness opportunities for our members to enjoy.


Health & Wellness Day

Our premier annual event! We partner with the best professionals for this fun filled day, which includes great food, break-out sessions focused on health and wellness, take-home “swag,” and a dance hosted by a local DJ!


Monthly Community Events

Every month, we offer an inclusive event for the whole community—from a summer pool party to a winter holiday dance. You’re invited!


Coffee Shop

Each Friday morning from 9-10 a.m., we welcome members, friends and family to catch up over a cup of coffee. Come join us!

“Meghan’s Place is a place for friendships to be made and for a variety of activities. The bond between the clients by the end of activities makes them a family. My daughter Ana loves coming for the activities. It is a great opportunity to be a part of the community. She loves doing Outdoor week, Art Club, Fitness Club, and bowling. Thanks to all the coaches and Mona for all the activities that the clients are able to do.”

Vicki, parent

Membership types

Meghan’s Place offers two membership types: daily membership and event membership. Please note that all members are required to complete our membership application and onboarding documentation.

Daily member


Event member

Among a small group of peers, day members can participate in a variety of everyday activities, both at Meghan’s Place and within the wider community.

Event members are welcome to participate in our seasonal camps, clubs, and community activities. 

Our frequent partners

We collaborate with awesome organizations and individuals throughout the Hutchinson community

to plan engaging, enriching, and inclusive activities. 

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