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About us

Our mission

Meghan’s Place, founded in 2017, is a private, non-profit club serving young adults with disabilities in Hutchinson, Minnesota.  


Our goal is to support and advocate for members as they grow into adulthood—empowering them to remain productive, active, and integrated within the community.  


Members of Meghan’s Place can participate in a wide variety of activities, socialize with friends, and receive advocacy services.  


Meghan’s Place staff includes individuals who are highly trained, experienced, and caring. 

A welcome from the Executive Director 

Hi! I’m Mona Hjerpe, Executive Director and co-owner of Meghan’s Place.  


My personal experiences as a parent, friend, special education teacher, and athletic coach have shaped my perspective and fueled my desire to support and provide for our families and their children with disabilities.  


We are so thankful for the opportunity to provide a place where youth and young adults with developmental disabilities can feel safe, socialize, and remain active within our community!  


To learn more about the vision and story behind Meghan’s Place, I invite you to read this special message.

In the meantime, if you or someone you know is interested in joining Meghan’s Place, supporting our mission, or starting a similar club elsewhere, I hope you’ll reach out.

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