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Welcome to

Meghan's Place

An inclusive club where youth and young adults with disabilities can grow, learn, and stay connected

Enriching our community together.

Founded in 2017 in Hutchinson, Minnesota, Meghan’s Place is dedicated to supporting young adults with developmental disabilities in reaching their full potential as active, engaged, and valued members of our local community. 

Our activities & events

With the safety and support of our highly experienced staff and volunteers, our members can enjoy a range of services and activities, including: 

“I remember the day! Three years ago, I was told by a bus aide that there was a place in Hutchinson for kids with special needs! She gave me the number and Mona Hjerpe’s name, and the rest was history! Meghan’s Place has been such a blessing for my family. At a time that I thought my life was falling apart, I found peace and friendship through the children and parents! If you are looking for a place that models the word “inclusion,” look no further. The staff and community support this wonderful organization, and so do I!”

Mona D., parent

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